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Bruce’s body raced with desire as his mind filled with thoughts of her.  It felt so real, every inch of her and yet he didn’t remember how or why she was there.  He had never felt out of control until now.  All his strict rules and poise melted away in her mesmeric kiss.  He couldn’t break from her, not now when he was so close to claiming her as his.

Catwoman dug her fingers through his dark wavy hair bringing him in for a sensual kiss, her body grinded yearningly against his.
A burning red light flashed on the wall snapping Catwoman’s attention from her prey.  Her eyes widened in panic and a hiss escaped her lips as she quickly dismounted the bed and slid under it with stealth.  Bruce tried to call out to her to return to him, but his mouth couldn’t make out the words.
Catwoman’s heart beat like a stampede in her chest.  Did they discover her intruding? Did they know she was here? Did they find all the milk missing from the kitchen?
“Intruder Alert… Intruder Alert... Intruder Alert” Announced from the intercom.
She needed to run.
Catwoman slipped out from under the bed and glanced back at Bruce.   His squinting eyes searching for her as if trying to find her through haze.  Catwoman yearned to return to his side, hesitating she turned toward the door and slipped out from the room without a noise and undetected.

3 Days Later in Gotham City


I could feel the cities heartbeat under me as the twisted breeze swirled around my body, the smog air and dusky smell of the incoming rain clouds filled my nostrils.  The gleaming city lights sparkled in my cat eyes.  Life is so beautiful when your heart feels like flying.
The churning wicked clouds twisted and the breeze caressed around me.  The oncoming night was welcome, the darkness was my sanctuary.  My home.  
I stood to my feet the strong setting sun illuminated my dark lithe figure.  I leaned against the concrete behind me, my back arched against it and my claws scratched along its warm surface, my mind imagining his strong torso behind me.  My body moved against it feeling the warmth of setting blood sun all around me, the erotic touch of it filling and enveloping me completely.
My eyes staring into smoldering setting sun imagining his touch on my skin.  
I can picture it.  I can feel it.  If only he could be mine, that man of the night.  So dangerous and beautiful.
But he was out of my reach.  I was an enemy of Batman.
Slowly turning from the dying sun I stalked into an alleyway.  The dark damp air filled my nose, but my heart was flying into the sky, it wouldn’t stop fluttering thinking about him.  Not even the rats’ scurrying at my feet could grasp my attention.  Only a dark bat caught my eye its quiet screeches echoed through the winding alley.  
Reaching out I ran my claws along the brick walls; the night slowly descending on my delicate steps.

I rounded the ally and a man bumped into me and then another.  Their voices started to catch my attention from my wandering thoughts.  They were trying to speak to me, I concentrated on their smiles of broken black teeth.  My mind grew sharp and I realized I was slowing being backed into the alley way.
“Hey there pretty lady.” One with a grueling smile sneered sideways at me.
The other laid a hand on me and thrust me back into the alley, making me stagger backwards.
“I like that outfit your wearing, are you a pretty pussy girl?” The other one snickered.  
“You like it?  I made it myself.” I smiled darkly.
Both men slightly were taken back but an evil grin came across their ugly faces.
“What the fuck is up with you sexy?” One man grabbed my arm roughly bringing me close to him, rotten breath rolling out of his mouth.
“Mmm but this kitty doesn’t like being rubbed the wrong way.” I whined.
“Oh that’s just too bad cuz I’m going to do what I… *snap*” Then I broke his wrist in half completely.
A hit to his jaw with my elbow sent the man hurdling toward the earth.  The impact of his skull to the ground sent a splintering crack as his jaw bone shattered.  
In one swift action the other was knocked out by a strong kick to the throat.  A gurgle escaped his lips before he fell to the ground next to the other.
“Now to have MY fun.” My eyes gleamed dangerously down at them.
I dragged them deeper into the darkness of the alley.  They started to whimper and then scream as my claws dug into their disgusting flesh.  I sat them up against trash cans and I leaned close to them running a claw slowly across the cheek of one of the men.  His eyes stared up at me in horror and then squeezed tight as my claw ran down the nape of his neck.  Applying pressure a drop of crimson blood appeared under my claw.  The man started to sob and cry out in pain.
A concealed voice from the shadows jolted my attention.   “Do all cats toy with their prey?”
I swirled on my heels to face the intruder on my fun, a familiar delicious smell traveled on the wind emerging from the stale breeze.
My heart stopped.  
I could make out his pointed mask and dark swirling cape from his large muscular form as he walked into the pale moon light.  My world grew silent and I could feel only my heart beat.
I wanted to run into his arms.
All my dark secrets I kept of him flashed into my mind as our eyes met.

Silence trailed under his footsteps and not even I could hear him.
I wanted to feel his strength around me, touching me and I wanted it now.
Instantly I grabbed the whip at my side and set it hurdling at him.  He dodged it and slid back into the darkness, my heart started pounding from excitement.
Then in a flash he descended from behind me, his strong arms wrapped around me.  I could feel the pressure of his torso pressing against me roughly, sending a volt of pleasure deep into my core.  Thrusting my hips against his loins I slipped from his iron grasp.  He grunted and took another swipe as I dodged and took a kick at him.  We dodged each other’s strikes as we both sent them.  It was a violent dance under the soft moonlight, two creatures of the night almost touching, coming so close to contact but then avoiding the others final strike.
I wanted to feel his strength against me.  I let his arms grab me and I let out a pained moan as I was forcefully pinned to the wall, I could feel his strong heart pounding under his armor against my chest.  His lips slightly parted as he breathed heavily, the same heavenly lips I kissed with my own.
“We meet again Batman.” The words between my breaths.  “I never thanked you for taking that dart for me did I?”
“You didn’t.” Batman’s voice was stern.  
A flirty smile came over my lips as I taunted. “Why did you?”
Batman’s eyes narrowed.  “I wouldn’t expect a criminal like you to understand.”
I struggled against the strength of this iron grip around me.  “I think I understand more… than you think.” A foxy smile passed over my mouth.
Batman dark eyes studied mine and with a devious sparkle I glared back.  
He looked into my eyes for a long moment before he spoke.  
“These men are to be released.” He commanded.
I leaned closer to his dark mask and whispered. “And If I won’t?”
His hands squeezed my arms and I felt him push me rougher against the wall.
“I will take you into custody myself.” He growled threatening.
I felt like a china doll in his hold my control slipping away.  “They deserved it.” I pouted.
Batman’s eyes darkened and his eyes shot toward the men laying on the ground in agony.
“I will take them into custody and question them.”  Batman’s jaw clenched and a dangerous fire flickered in his eyes.  “If you’re lying I’m coming for you.”
A shiver of excitement flushed over my body.
Slowly I felt my body being release from his grasp.  A whimper almost escaped my lips as I watched him turn his back to me.  I pounced on him from behind sending us both tumbling to the ground, both of us struggled for dominance but to my satisfaction he pinned me to the ground.  I felt the heat radiating from his body above me.  I couldn’t hold my body from writhing with desire from under his control.
I bit my lip sensually.  
I could see his eyes through his stern expression, but I remembered that look and how he desired me even then.

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Catwoman knows finding a life long mate would be impossible, but fate steps in with a masked face that captivates her beneath his dark wings.
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VampireAcademy01 Featured By Owner Jul 19, 2013
OMG!!!! I'm in love wit these......!!!!please keep on updating it....
ElegantArtist21 Featured By Owner Jul 21, 2013
Thank you so much!
Black-Wolfess Featured By Owner Jul 17, 2013
Keep writing! I enjoy the premise of what you are going for--BatCat is like my biggest guilty pleasure!--and there is some strong writing here. There are a few gramatical things and some pacing issues with all three chapters, but they are consistent, which means editing one would fix the others. I do greatly enjoy them, though! c:
ElegantArtist21 Featured By Owner Jul 18, 2013
Hey I would so appreciate if you let me know what are the errors that you speak of so that I can make it better!  Thank you for the compliments I really appreciate it.
Black-Wolfess Featured By Owner Aug 19, 2013
There are some pacing issues--i.e. paragraphs that don't need to be seperate, the physical spacing itself being a little confusing, but DA posting is weird that way so I understand--and just small gramatical stuff. I would suggest brushing up on some comma placement and run-on sentences/fragments, and re-read and edit them though if you really would like to. Like I said, there is great writing here, just needs a little tweaking. :3
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